What People Are Saying

“You all do such a great job! Too bad all the other counties aren’t on top of things too!” Title Examiner 10/15/08

“Thank you! I just tried the … system and it works great, I love it! Thank you again for providing this service.” satisfied attorney 10/20/10

“Thank you very much Michele, and for the quick response, have a great day! Satisfied citizen 1/20/15

“… It is very, very helpful to have the website and the ability to email someone, because it can be so hard to get folks on the phone at the various courthouses….” Happy Paralegal 11/10/10

“Thank you for all of your help – you were the easiest part of my morning!” Satisfied Citizen 8/13/12


I know Michele to be a leader of singular integrity, service, and excellence. She was an outstanding member of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors and a tireless member of the Virginia House of Delegates. As Clerk of Court, she has modernized electronic systems and other technologies at the courthouse with one goal in mind: To better serve the needs of our neighbors and fellow citizens. I respect and admire Michele’s devotion to public service and am proud to stand at her side. Delegate Rich Anderson (R- 51st District)

The women on the Prince William Board of County Supervisors: Maureen Caddigan and Jeanine Lawson.

Having worked to support our Clerk of the Court here in Caroline for many years, I am well acquainted with the duties of the office which actually require a specific skill set. The word "experience" here is not simply a catch phrase The keeper of the records for any county must be familiar with a multitude of court proceedings, jury management, land records and a huge host of Fiduciary responsibilities too numerous to name. As Republican Committee Chair, I learned just how important the Clerk is to any election as the official record keeper of the ballot process. Most significant of all, the primary attribute for a Clerk of the Court should be integrity. The Clerk holds the fabric of county history in his or her hands. Focusing on accuracy and customer service, Michèle McQuigg's office is a leader in the state for online delivery of records but even more significant she is an HONEST individual. I am proud to endorse Michèle McQuigg's re-election for Clerk of the Court in Prince William County as she possesses the entire skill set in spades. Jeff Sili, Caroline County Board of Supervisors

What People Are Saying

“Thank you for your prompt response.” Satisfied Customer 12/30/14

“Thank you so much for the excellent service this morning. The ladies were so nice and helpful. I was only there for about 15 minutes. It was a very smooth and pleasant experience. I will sing praises about your office! You all are a real credit to Prince William County government.” Pleased Customer 7/6/12

“You all do such a great job! Too bad all the other counties aren’t on top of things too!” Title Company President 10/15/08

“Thank you very much. You’re such a wonderful county representative.” Satisfied Citizen 1/16/15

“Thank you for the quick reply on a weekend. Very helpful.” Happy Customer 1/4/14

“Thank you for getting back to me so quickly.” Happy Customer 4/9/12

The Clerk’s Office

The Clerk of Court is a constitutional office elected every 8 years that provides crucial services during critical periods in your life.
  • Marriage licenses are issued by the Clerk
  • Concealed Handgun Permits are approved and issued by the Clerk
  • Trade/Fictitious Names for businesses are issued by the Clerk
  • Deeds, Deeds of Trusts, Judgments and other land records are recorded by the Clerk
  • Executors/Administrators of deceased person’s estates are appointed/qualified by Clerk who acts as a Probate Judge
  • Jury summons are issued by the Clerk
  • Clerks are in the courtrooms taking notes, preparing court orders, preparing prisoner transportation orders, subpoenas and other documents, ensuring interpreters, etc.
  • Clerks process many documents including adoptions, name changes, divorces, civil suits
  • Clerks take in filing fees and payments of fines and restitution
  • The Clerk is the keeper of all of the court and land records back to 1731