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The Clerk’s Office

The Clerk of Court is a constitutional office elected every 8 years that provides crucial services during critical periods in your life.
  • Marriage licenses are issued by the Clerk
  • Concealed Handgun Permits are approved and issued by the Clerk
  • Trade/Fictitious Names for businesses are issued by the Clerk
  • Deeds, Deeds of Trusts, Judgments and other land records are recorded by the Clerk
  • Executors/Administrators of deceased person’s estates are appointed/qualified by Clerk who acts as a Probate Judge
  • Jury summons are issued by the Clerk
  • Clerks are in the courtrooms taking notes, preparing court orders, preparing prisoner transportation orders, subpoenas and other documents, ensuring interpreters, etc.
  • Clerks process many documents including adoptions, name changes, divorces, civil suits
  • Clerks take in filing fees and payments of fines and restitution
  • The Clerk is the keeper of all of the court and land records back to 1731